A woman is nothing but the nature that involves in creation that can have the ability to rule the world with love and affection. She can have the capacity to build a home that can become a strong base for the society. In the past decades, women are not much educated, and they use to look after their family and children. But now women are highly educated and are creating wonders in various aspects. They are not less than any men and can have a strong will than men.

Professionally, women can have real abilities to handle any situations while comparing to people. They can think actually on the spot and can manage the task efficiently. In any profession, wide ranges of opportunities are available for women. Women empowerment is the current factor that can make the women fight for her rights such as:

  • To lead their life with self-respect and dignity
  • They can have the command over the people both at home and office
  • Can be able to make their decisions individually
  • They have the right to choose their activities, participation, and ideas
  • For getting the right to education
  • Right to speech
  • Financial and social equality etc.

Even after the 20th-century women are facing sexual abuse, physical and mental harassments in the society. Women are educated, working and can earn their income to live respectfully in the society. But still, they have to face the abuses from the psychos and other women haters. It can cause severe anxiety and depression in few women who have been suffering severely since years. Many girls and women need to attend the anxiety counselling sessions to avoid the risk of mental instability. Years of abuse in the society is making them weak and helpless. Women empowerment is the only thing that can help them feel healthy, and that can provide the support to fight against violence. Their education and job can provide the social and economic security which in turn makes them feel active in the community. There is a valuable hand of women in the development of any nation today. Women as politicians, sports personalities, actors, fighters and also reaching the space are achieving success leaving the men behind. 

Even though the local governing bodies are trying to implement the security programs and safety measures for the women, they cannot be able to escape from the brutal acid attacks and physical abuse. It can make them weak and depressive. They need to have depression counselling at the right time to come out of the worst situations can fight against the conditions. It can be a great achievement for the women today as they are occupying the maximum part of the society and are in high positions in all the sectors with their efficiency, skills, and ability. Visit this link http://www.newlifecounselling.net.au/depression_anxiety.html for more info on depression counselling Melbourne.

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